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Images magnifiques d'enfants pauvres et qui semblent pourtant heureux, un peu le contraire de certains enfants d'ici. Beau reportage. Bravo!


These kids seem happy with their circumstance except for the one picture where the boys look a bit suspicious of your shooting. Fine series.


I feel for these people. You are brilliant at documenting the beauty in such places.

Doug Hickok

Your work is excellent and important. I can't help but feel sad for these kids. Yet, their spirit is amazing to behold.


Gang signs, nice. Word to your mother!


It is quite interesting to see that no matter how poor and pitiful these children are, they still seem to be happy that someone is taking a picture of them. Very powerful work Sidney!


Very good urban shot!


Et pourtant , il y a une vie !!C'est incroyable .Ces photos sont un témoignage c'est émouvant de voir ça

Chris B  Holland

Amazing..and sad - what kids have to do to survive. And - yet - they look happy?!?!? Wonderful project and series!


.. even toys from the garbage can make these children a little happy.


un terrain de jeux incroyable.


Et ils ont le sourire... ce n'est pas souvent le cas, dans notre société d'abondance.


poor kids pretending to be happy ?


They look healthy. That surprises me.


someone once told me, if you feel sad and depressed, ride a jeep and go to a poor place, one where people thrive on garbage and have barely nothing to eat and you will see that despite how little they have, they look content and happy. her point is, count your blessings, even how little it is. the photos above tells me, my friend is indeed right.

Pavan Kaul

And to think they can still manage to smile so sweetly! A fabulous series you are carrying here Sydney!!


Great series, the kids look happy in that last shot.

Michael Rawluk

You do an excellent job of putting faces to poverty.


Amazing..and sad - what kids have to do to survive. And - yet - they look happy?!?!? Wonderful project and series!

Otto K.

excellent. I can't imagine having to live on garbage.

Photo Cache

Very little to make these little angels happy.

Is this part of your outreach program?


Pour eux c'est un peu la caverne d'Ali Baba


Great shots Sidney, reminds me also of the 'slum dog' children in India. Do they recycle the rubbish like they do india?

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